Well as usual I maintain multiple server host. Back a while ago I started mainly blogging using my domain Https:// and scheduled most of my Song of the Day post there. Since I didn’t post frequently on Https:// I ended up deciding to just redirect, and to I hadn’t thought much about it and when it came time to renew the hosting package for what I thought was the one tied to’s old content I decided not to because I wasn’t using it.

Well I made a mistake, I mixed the packages up instead it was Libertygeek’s package that was expiring. I went to login last night to add some new content and saw it was expired and was like “oh crap”. I didn’t have any of the content backed up so I lost a years worth of postings. Not that there was anything major but still that sucks. So now I am having to start all over again. So this time around I am just going to use for all my main postings and my Song of the Day stuff.


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