I haven’t gotten around or felt like doing much to spruce up the website yet. I hate that it is so drab at the moment. I usually don’t have it too over the top anyway however it is plain even by my standards. I am planning to link in some of my Raspberry Pi projects to the page pretty soon when I feel like it. I haven’t done anything yet with since I had the accidental page deletion. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet since I have it separate again from and my main blog.

I do have a few of my other domains forwarded to such as, and I just picked up the domain because it was free and I thought it was funny, and I am nothing if not a nit wit, lol.

Anyway between my MS, migraines and trying to help my daughter with what homework I can I just haven’t had the chance to do anything else yet with the site other than schedule Song of the Days. I hope to change that soon. Hopefully in the next few days I will be adding some new content.

For now if you want to reach me I have updated my contact to be (got to take use of that new domain) LMAO.

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