Ice, Snow and now Sun

Its been a crazy couple of weeks between ice storms, snow storms, zero degree temperatures and now back to 64 degrees. Glad we don’t live in Texas, feel for what those people went through.

I have been dealing with the usual here, my MS has been really bothering me. I am keeping off balance, nauseated, having troubles with my right side and thinking straight not to mention my normal forgetfulness and aphasia issues. Think stressing about the weather hasn’t helped.

I go in about a month for my next Ocrevus infusion so maybe it will help some. Other than that not a lot going on. I have been trying to read when I feel like it and spend time with the lovely wife and daughter but more often than not I am in bed most of the day.

Hopefully the weather will get nice soon and I can force myself to do some yard work I want to do. I haven’t messed with any new Raspberry Pi or Single Board Computer projects or coding as my mind hasn’t been clear enough to do so though I really wish it was because I wish I felt like doing something, anything, useful.

Well that’s my update for now. Everyone take care.

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