An actual blog post other than the SotD.

I haven’t felt like making many postings lately. I schedule the Song of the Day postings often a couple months in advance to make sure I always have something new on the site but I can recall the last time I actually posted.

There are a number of reasons. The biggest being that I had a major MS relapse a couple weeks ago and most of my issues have gotten worse and didn’t improve at all even after three days of steroid infusions. The joys of secondary progressive MS. I have officially had to move to using a standup walker because between sudden bouts of vertigo and my balance being worse than ever I couldn’t count on just my cane anymore.

Also we found out that my father has kidney cancer and right before he was supposed to have surgery on that my mom fell and broke her tailbone in multiple spots. So yeah it’s been crazy.

We were lucky though that the majority of our friends and family where outside the direct impact of the tornado of 12/10/21 that left so many dead, and many, many more homeless and/or jobless. We did have a Great Aunt who lost everything but at least she wasn’t injured.

I am very proud that say that my daughter kicked butt in all her class for the first part of the school year, making all As besides one very high B+ that was a point away from being a A-. She has worked her butt of and it has shown.

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