Musk, Twitter and more.

Been a while since I last posted something other than my regularly scheduled Song of the Day posts. Lots of stuff going on in the world from Russia’s invasion into Ukraine to Musk buy Twitter.

As far as the Russian deal as a child from the last couple decades of the Cold War I still maintained a healthy fear of Russia. I was in shock to see how badly they failed to secure but only a very small region of the Ukraine despite the amount of armor and troops they sent. But for a country who’s motto has always been quantity has a quality all its own it looks like maybe they over estimated that statement.

Ukrainian people have spent thirty years without the yoke of the old communist Soviet Union over them and they are showing just how willing to fight and die for freedom people are who finally got a real taste of it. Too bad Russia has the Nuclear threat to use against the rest of the world or no doubt the west would have helped put an end to the genocide that has been occurring in the Ukraine. Even then it makes one wonder just how well kept their nuclear stockpile even is. Unfortunately even if they have a few dozen working Nukes it’s enough to keep everyone including the U.S. at bay.

The other big news of late is Elon Musk bid to buyout Twitter. Many had first thought that he was trolling but now that seems unlikely. I am a fan of Elon, mostly due to SpaceX. I believe he has done more for the expansion back into space and the privatization of space exploration than anyone to date, Bezos and Branson don’t hold a candle in my book. I do know he does like to troll and have fun doing so. I figure it’s one of the perks of being one of the richest men in the world.

As far as taking ownership of Twitter I rarely interact on it, thought I do link my blog postings and occasionally reply to one of a handful of people I follow. Personally I don’t follow people if I know they are going to offend me so I act as my own censor in a way. To those that think Elon is doing this as a way to get Trump back on Twitter, I highly doubt he cares enough about Trump to spend $44 Billion of his wealth for that reason along.

I think he just wants it as a side project. In the end if he lets Trump back on or not I could care less, I will not be follow the Orange Headed crazy man now anyway that was behind or supported the January 6th, 2021 attack on Congress. That’s the beauty of free speech though, you can be an idiot and do so or use logic and avoid the nonsense. In the end it’s Musk money to spend how he wants to.

I try my best to be none political in post and in general these days. I still consider myself a Republican but I am still a Never-Trump conservative. Honestly I am more a moderate than anything. I am left of center on social issue and right of center of military issues. But as is often the case I may end up voting Libertarian yet again if Trump or one of his supporters runs in 2024 unless there is a fairly moderate Democrat that runs. I don’t regret voting for Biden to keep Trump out of a second term but while Biden hasn’t done anything majorly wrong in my books aside the mishandling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan I don’t see my self voting for him again unless it was between him and Trump or one of Trump’s cult members.

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