I haven’t posted in a while so figured I would. Of course the Song of the Days don’t count as they are scheduled sometimes a month or two in advance.

I have still been fighting MS and Chronic Migraines so nothing new there. My Diabetes though has been well under control for most if not all of the year. Matter of fact my glucose levels have been a bit low if anything and I have lost and kept off about 50 pounds all year.

As far as other stuff not much to really write. I am trying to keep away from social media. My post auto-tweet but I don’t get on Twitter these days and very, very rarely get on Facebook. I sometimes get on Reddit but almost never comment.

So pretty much I spend my days reading when I feel like it, or listening to audiobooks. That’s been my life besides spending as much time with the wife and daughter as I can, which never is enough.

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