Politics or “that thing I no longer like talking about.”

I spend the better part of my life considering myself as a conservative. However I often was registered Libertarian because honestly I believe in small government overall.

Then around the time I turned 40 my views started to change drastically. Partially due to raising a daughter to make her own mind up and being willing to learn to change my views. There is an old quote that goes if your not liberal in your youth you don’t have a heart, whereas if by the time you have a family and older in years if you aren’t conservative you don’t have a brain. To quote the first and so far only Democrat President I have voted for that’s a “bunch of malarkey.”

Even back during the Hillary Vs Trump election I almost went third party. I had considered myself a straight up never Trumper but Hillary equally scared me. I thought the conservatives would keep him in check but nope they drunk his kool-aid and then in my book he and his facisist followers attempted an out right coup on Jan. 6th.

To me the lot of them that broke in or facilitated the Jan. 6th coup attempt should have been lined up before a firing squad. But then again I know my views on attempting to overthrow our democracy may be hardcore today.

Things I do still agree with on the conservative side, gun ownership, though those that try to pull the second amendment into the discussion fail to realize that the Amendment had more to do with keeping an active nominally governmental controlled army before we had the means to implement one of our own. There can be made cases for hunting but it doesn’t include any such wording. Personally I am for gun ownership for personal protection of my family and I.

For those that see having ARs are going to help them overthrow the democratically elected government. I just wonder how well they think they will be against drones, tanks, apcs, combat helicopters and planes. I have owned three ARs in the past and they were the first things I sold when we need some extra money. I rather hunt with a 12 gauge, or lever action .30-06 that something in practical like an AR. I do own a couple handguns which I CCDW permit with. But at home most likely my 12 gauge or .38 special is all I feel I really need.

I was raised Missionary Baptist. Though I no longer practice and consider myself more of a agnostic or deist. It makes me sick listen to the hatred and judgments that the right does. I am proud to have a brother who was open with me about his same-sex relationship and he has has a strong marriage. Like my wife and I, neither of the go around forcing public displays of affection. I had nothing wrong with same-sex relationships even before he told me about his. It isn’t for me but I don’t see how I have any rights to interfering with anyone else’s.

I don’t have many close friends but the ones I do over half are people of color. I get so made when I hear what some of them go through, even two decades into the 21st century.

Back years ago I was adamantly against the Affordable Care ACT but since have to leave the workforce due to disability once I got on Medicare , if it wasn’t for ObamaCare the wife and kid would spend half our incomes on healthcare. As it is already it’s still high but things always appear different from the other side.

As far as one last rant for tonight, the Ukrainian/Russian war still drags out. I still don’t see how NATO at some point get fully invested. Be it just maintaining a no fly zone. Or putting special forces on the ground. Putin can’t afford to backdown and the Ukrainian people shouldn’t row over to let their country become a puppet state. So it’s going to continue to be yet another wild wacky year. Three years ago Covid started the Crazy Train and even now Ozzy has to be wanting to jump off it.

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