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Hello and welcome to my tiny slice of the web. My name as you might have guessed is Michael Whitt. I am a happily married father of one beautiful daughter who lives in the Western part of Kentucky. I am pushing 50 and was a geek long, long before it was vogue to be one.

I started in computers at a very young age, even more so for my age. By the time I was ten I was programming for fun in BASIC and by my early teens I was running a Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) which I would do well until my twenties until the Internet took off.

In college I wrote my own programming language interpreter called SimCode which was one of my favorite programming projects. I still come across it from time to time on sites that archive old Shareware and Freeware programs.

Over the years I have worked in most areas of the IT industry doing everything from Mainframe Computer Operations, Programming, Networking, Desktop Support, Web Design and Software Support. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and state governments.

I grew up in a family greenhouse and nursery business and got a good business foundation from a young age. I was lucky to have two good parents who while strict were not overly so and were loving and taught me how to be a good parent to my own daughter.

I have been happily married to my wife for over two decades now. I am not sure how she puts up with me but I am glad that she does. Even when I got sick she has stayed by my side.

About six years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time it was classified was Relapse/Remitting RRMS but since then it has progressed to Secondary Progressive SPMS. It turned my word upside down and continues to do so.

I used to excel at multitasking, data recall, and other such skills critical to my line of work. When the MS started hitting me bad I got progressively worse at each of those things. In addition I got were I most days can’t walk far without a cane due to balance issues and lost a lot of strength in my dominant hand.

I have trouble verbalizing a lot and generally have problems with word finding, it gets worse the more stressed I am. I have chronic fatigue and sleep issues. Pretty much there isn’t many areas of my life that MS hasn’t affected. I am on a twice yearly infusion that hopefully will help slow the progression down but what damage is done is most likely permanent.

Well enough of that sob story. I will post personal things here from time to time. Depending on my health posts may not always be frequent. I do like scheduling “Song of the Day” post in advance so there will usually be one of those every day that will have a new music video.

Occasionally when my MS isn’t bad and I feel like it I work on small Single Board Computer projects mostly with Raspberry Pis, I have a growing number of them which I use for Webcams, sensors and such. I like to blog about those projects some.

I also like to read a lot when I am up to it. Mostly SciFi and Urban Fantasy so occasionally I will post reviews on books. I may also review various TV shows and movies.

Well that about does it for now. Welcome to the blog.

You can contact me at mlwhitt@mlwhitt.com .

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