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Hello and welcome to my tiny slice of the web. My name as you might have guessed is Michael Whitt. I am a happily married father of one beautiful daughter who lives in the Western part of Kentucky. I am half a century and was a geek long, long before it was vogue to be one.

I started in computers at a very young age, even more so for my age. By the time I was ten I was programming for fun in BASIC and by my early teens I was running a Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) which I would do well until my twenties until the Internet took off.

In college I wrote my own programming language interpreter called SimCode which was one of my favorite programming projects. I still come across it from time to time on sites that archive old Shareware and Freeware programs.

Over the years I have worked in most areas of the IT industry doing everything from Mainframe Computer Operations, Programming, Networking, Desktop Support, Web Design and Software Support. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and state governments.

I grew up in a family greenhouse and nursery business and got a good business foundation from a young age. I was lucky to have two good parents who while strict were not overly so and were loving and taught me how to be a good parent to my own daughter.

I have been happily married to my wife for over two decades now. I am not sure how she puts up with me but I am glad that she does. Even when I got sick she has stayed by my side.

About decade ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time it was classified was Relapse/Remitting RRMS but since then it has progressed to Secondary Progressive SPMS. It turned my world upside down and continues to do so. I also have suffered with Chronic Migraines from thirty plus decades. I usually get at least three but usually four to five with visual auras to the point I can’t see each week. Unfortunately my daughter has seemed to inherit them from me.

I used to excel at multitasking, data recall, and other such skills critical to my line of work. When the MS started hitting me bad I got progressively worse at each of those things. In addition I got were I most days can’t walk far without a cane due to balance issues and lost a lot of strength in my dominant hand.

I have trouble verbalizing a lot and generally have problems with word finding, it gets worse the more stressed I am. I have chronic fatigue and sleep issues. Pretty much there isn’t many areas of my life that MS hasn’t affected. I am on a twice yearly infusion that hopefully will help slow the progression down but what damage is done is most likely permanent.

Well enough of that sob story. I will post personal things here from time to time. Depending on my health posts may not always be frequent. I do like scheduling “Song of the Day” post in advance so there will usually be one of those every day that will have a new music video.

Occasionally when my MS isn’t bad and I feel like it I work on small Single Board Computer projects mostly with Raspberry Pis, I have a growing number of them which I use for Webcams, sensors and such. I like to blog about those projects some.

I also like to read a lot when I am up to it. Mostly SciFi and Urban Fantasy so occasionally I will post reviews on books. I may also review various TV shows and movies.

Well that about does it for now. Welcome to the blog. While I enjoy Steam a great deal and have growing close to three hundred friends, it is my preferred social media platform. I barely tough Twitter other than to automatically announce new blog post. I almost never login to Facebook these days and though my some miracle I managed to be in the top 6% of karma earners last year per Reddit year in review I honestly don’t post a lot there either. Nope my world would be in Steam, more importantly the Adult Gamers World group that is geared for gamers mostly fourth and beyond.

I love my fellow AWG friends there as rarely does drama come along. We are a friendly old bunch for all parts around the globe though most are in the EU, UK or US. That said we still have members in Central and South American nations, Pacific Island nations. Including Australia and New Zealanders, Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, China and India and Middle Eastern like Israel and Iran.

But the majority are Germanic. So plenty of the friendliest Germans you’ve ever met hang out among the AWG Group.

You can contact me at Michael@Whitthost.com.

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