Just me blabbing.

I just felt like making a short posting. I finally got my Ocrevous shot a couple weeks ago so I am feeling a bit better though my memory has gotten worse.

I don’t think I posted since we got Rocky or Rocket as we call him. He is a 9 month old Cat. At first we were a little worried about Libby our 9 year old boxer/bulldog mix being rowdy around him. But she hasn’t been. The first couple weeks after we introduced the two Rocket like to throw little punches at Libby but she ignored them.

Yesterday I caught the cat even rubbing up on Libby so they have settled in with each other very well. It’s funny because Rocket is pure energy were Libby is pure laziness.

In other news we finally are moving somewhat ahead with getting our roof replaced after the tornado that went near here last month done a number on our shingles. Our insurance is going to pay for part of it so Kim and I fund getting the whole roof redone as the rest of it isn’t in great shape and more singles have torn off single the auditor was here.

Other than that we still have a big hole in the front yard that I keep calling the water company about because they made the whole fixing a leak on their end of the pipe. It’s been that way for months now and I am tired of seeing a pond of water there it after the rain and having a huge spot with no grass. I do my best to keep the yard looking good and that’s ruining it for me.

Anyway guess I will run for now. As usual I don’t really know how many people if any read this blog or keep up with my songs of the day. I still keep this linked to Twitter even though I no longer us it. I am usual on Steam or Reddit outside those I could care less about social media anymore.