Just me blabbing.

I just felt like making a short posting. I finally got my Ocrevous shot a couple weeks ago so I am feeling a bit better though my memory has gotten worse.

I don’t think I posted since we got Rocky or Rocket as we call him. He is a 9 month old Cat. At first we were a little worried about Libby our 9 year old boxer/bulldog mix being rowdy around him. But she hasn’t been. The first couple weeks after we introduced the two Rocket like to throw little punches at Libby but she ignored them.

Yesterday I caught the cat even rubbing up on Libby so they have settled in with each other very well. It’s funny because Rocket is pure energy were Libby is pure laziness.

In other news we finally are moving somewhat ahead with getting our roof replaced after the tornado that went near here last month done a number on our shingles. Our insurance is going to pay for part of it so Kim and I fund getting the whole roof redone as the rest of it isn’t in great shape and more singles have torn off single the auditor was here.

Other than that we still have a big hole in the front yard that I keep calling the water company about because they made the whole fixing a leak on their end of the pipe. It’s been that way for months now and I am tired of seeing a pond of water there it after the rain and having a huge spot with no grass. I do my best to keep the yard looking good and that’s ruining it for me.

Anyway guess I will run for now. As usual I don’t really know how many people if any read this blog or keep up with my songs of the day. I still keep this linked to Twitter even though I no longer us it. I am usual on Steam or Reddit outside those I could care less about social media anymore.

Politics or “that thing I no longer like talking about.”

I spend the better part of my life considering myself as a conservative. However I often was registered Libertarian because honestly I believe in small government overall.

Then around the time I turned 40 my views started to change drastically. Partially due to raising a daughter to make her own mind up and being willing to learn to change my views. There is an old quote that goes if your not liberal in your youth you don’t have a heart, whereas if by the time you have a family and older in years if you aren’t conservative you don’t have a brain. To quote the first and so far only Democrat President I have voted for that’s a “bunch of malarkey.”

Even back during the Hillary Vs Trump election I almost went third party. I had considered myself a straight up never Trumper but Hillary equally scared me. I thought the conservatives would keep him in check but nope they drunk his kool-aid and then in my book he and his facisist followers attempted an out right coup on Jan. 6th.

To me the lot of them that broke in or facilitated the Jan. 6th coup attempt should have been lined up before a firing squad. But then again I know my views on attempting to overthrow our democracy may be hardcore today.

Things I do still agree with on the conservative side, gun ownership, though those that try to pull the second amendment into the discussion fail to realize that the Amendment had more to do with keeping an active nominally governmental controlled army before we had the means to implement one of our own. There can be made cases for hunting but it doesn’t include any such wording. Personally I am for gun ownership for personal protection of my family and I.

For those that see having ARs are going to help them overthrow the democratically elected government. I just wonder how well they think they will be against drones, tanks, apcs, combat helicopters and planes. I have owned three ARs in the past and they were the first things I sold when we need some extra money. I rather hunt with a 12 gauge, or lever action .30-06 that something in practical like an AR. I do own a couple handguns which I CCDW permit with. But at home most likely my 12 gauge or .38 special is all I feel I really need.

I was raised Missionary Baptist. Though I no longer practice and consider myself more of a agnostic or deist. It makes me sick listen to the hatred and judgments that the right does. I am proud to have a brother who was open with me about his same-sex relationship and he has has a strong marriage. Like my wife and I, neither of the go around forcing public displays of affection. I had nothing wrong with same-sex relationships even before he told me about his. It isn’t for me but I don’t see how I have any rights to interfering with anyone else’s.

I don’t have many close friends but the ones I do over half are people of color. I get so made when I hear what some of them go through, even two decades into the 21st century.

Back years ago I was adamantly against the Affordable Care ACT but since have to leave the workforce due to disability once I got on Medicare , if it wasn’t for ObamaCare the wife and kid would spend half our incomes on healthcare. As it is already it’s still high but things always appear different from the other side.

As far as one last rant for tonight, the Ukrainian/Russian war still drags out. I still don’t see how NATO at some point get fully invested. Be it just maintaining a no fly zone. Or putting special forces on the ground. Putin can’t afford to backdown and the Ukrainian people shouldn’t row over to let their country become a puppet state. So it’s going to continue to be yet another wild wacky year. Three years ago Covid started the Crazy Train and even now Ozzy has to be wanting to jump off it.

MS Struggling and everyday life

Last week was a hard one for me. Even before doctors appointments and such were coming on for me and my father I was already on a downhill course.

I could feel it in my muscles and bones. My lack of memory and concentration and of course my balance and leaning issues. Then my father who is not good at acknowledging sick time himself has even now ten times worse that mom is very dependent on him was looking more and more like it was going to be a few. Nights overstay visit for him. Sure enough by the middle of the week the had him committed due to an toe infection. One they also planned to remove as well.

So that meant staying up late at the hospital with him, them getting out late to check on her and running on fumes by the time I got home. Luckily this only lasted for four days but to my MS hugged body it seem like two weeks. So when we finally got him home my body has just about shut down it’s. Luckily I have less than a month of Ocrecvous infusion because I need the juice in me.

Musk, Twitter and more.

Been a while since I last posted something other than my regularly scheduled Song of the Day posts. Lots of stuff going on in the world from Russia’s invasion into Ukraine to Musk buy Twitter.

As far as the Russian deal as a child from the last couple decades of the Cold War I still maintained a healthy fear of Russia. I was in shock to see how badly they failed to secure but only a very small region of the Ukraine despite the amount of armor and troops they sent. But for a country who’s motto has always been quantity has a quality all its own it looks like maybe they over estimated that statement.

Ukrainian people have spent thirty years without the yoke of the old communist Soviet Union over them and they are showing just how willing to fight and die for freedom people are who finally got a real taste of it. Too bad Russia has the Nuclear threat to use against the rest of the world or no doubt the west would have helped put an end to the genocide that has been occurring in the Ukraine. Even then it makes one wonder just how well kept their nuclear stockpile even is. Unfortunately even if they have a few dozen working Nukes it’s enough to keep everyone including the U.S. at bay.

The other big news of late is Elon Musk bid to buyout Twitter. Many had first thought that he was trolling but now that seems unlikely. I am a fan of Elon, mostly due to SpaceX. I believe he has done more for the expansion back into space and the privatization of space exploration than anyone to date, Bezos and Branson don’t hold a candle in my book. I do know he does like to troll and have fun doing so. I figure it’s one of the perks of being one of the richest men in the world.

As far as taking ownership of Twitter I rarely interact on it, thought I do link my blog postings and occasionally reply to one of a handful of people I follow. Personally I don’t follow people if I know they are going to offend me so I act as my own censor in a way. To those that think Elon is doing this as a way to get Trump back on Twitter, I highly doubt he cares enough about Trump to spend $44 Billion of his wealth for that reason along.

I think he just wants it as a side project. In the end if he lets Trump back on or not I could care less, I will not be follow the Orange Headed crazy man now anyway that was behind or supported the January 6th, 2021 attack on Congress. That’s the beauty of free speech though, you can be an idiot and do so or use logic and avoid the nonsense. In the end it’s Musk money to spend how he wants to.

I try my best to be none political in post and in general these days. I still consider myself a Republican but I am still a Never-Trump conservative. Honestly I am more a moderate than anything. I am left of center on social issue and right of center of military issues. But as is often the case I may end up voting Libertarian yet again if Trump or one of his supporters runs in 2024 unless there is a fairly moderate Democrat that runs. I don’t regret voting for Biden to keep Trump out of a second term but while Biden hasn’t done anything majorly wrong in my books aside the mishandling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan I don’t see my self voting for him again unless it was between him and Trump or one of Trump’s cult members.

An actual blog post other than the SotD.

I haven’t felt like making many postings lately. I schedule the Song of the Day postings often a couple months in advance to make sure I always have something new on the site but I can recall the last time I actually posted.

There are a number of reasons. The biggest being that I had a major MS relapse a couple weeks ago and most of my issues have gotten worse and didn’t improve at all even after three days of steroid infusions. The joys of secondary progressive MS. I have officially had to move to using a standup walker because between sudden bouts of vertigo and my balance being worse than ever I couldn’t count on just my cane anymore.

Also we found out that my father has kidney cancer and right before he was supposed to have surgery on that my mom fell and broke her tailbone in multiple spots. So yeah it’s been crazy.

We were lucky though that the majority of our friends and family where outside the direct impact of the tornado of 12/10/21 that left so many dead, and many, many more homeless and/or jobless. We did have a Great Aunt who lost everything but at least she wasn’t injured.

I am very proud that say that my daughter kicked butt in all her class for the first part of the school year, making all As besides one very high B+ that was a point away from being a A-. She has worked her butt of and it has shown.

Ok hopefully last blog move around for a while.

Last time a few months ago I lost over a year of blogging because I let my wrong server hosting package auto-expire. This go around it was a JSON issue for the life of me I couldn’t fix, though I didn’t lose my prior data just the layout which I had done little to improve since the forced redo last time.

I am not big on fancy, I blogged for over a decade using straight HTML tags so blah on fancy. Auto scheduling post is good enough for me usually. That said managing WordPress on my own sites has become an extra headache I don’t want with all the security issues one has to keep on top of. So this go around with a good coupon in hand I moved the blog away from any of my own hosted services to WordPress.com.

Of course nothing ever goes easy, even more so when you’re trying to do this stuff feeling bad so I had all kinds of issues with my SSL certs and whatnot. At the end of the day where this has left me is the site is technically pointed at https://nitwhitt.com for now and the other domains are being forwarded however depending on the route and browser attempting to come here by https://michaelwhitt.com or https:// to mlwhitt.com or mwhitt.com may or may not work.

Plain http will get you here but you may get the security warning. Of course once you get here you are back in SSL land. Not that it matters as I don’t do any sales or user login things anyway. But wanted to explain in case you attempted to come in via one of those ways. For now just use https://nitwhitt.com to reach the blog. Shouldn’t be any issues that way.

Site update

I finally have moved from hosting my own WordPress blog to WordPress.com. Been having too many problems with my own web host lately so decided to just try it. I had a good coupon so figured it was the time. I haven’t really messed with the theme yet or any CSS changes but after the last time I had some hosting issues I didn’t really do much.

Mostly I just post Song of the Day post and usually those are scheduled weeks or a month in advance so I can go a while without touching the blog depending on how I am feeling. As I haven’t felt great lately I haven’t done much with it and let my SotD schedule get behind to the point I almost was not going to have new content. Anyway hopefully I can work on this some here this week or so and start blogging more.

Ice, Snow and now Sun

Its been a crazy couple of weeks between ice storms, snow storms, zero degree temperatures and now back to 64 degrees. Glad we don’t live in Texas, feel for what those people went through.

I have been dealing with the usual here, my MS has been really bothering me. I am keeping off balance, nauseated, having troubles with my right side and thinking straight not to mention my normal forgetfulness and aphasia issues. Think stressing about the weather hasn’t helped.

I go in about a month for my next Ocrevus infusion so maybe it will help some. Other than that not a lot going on. I have been trying to read when I feel like it and spend time with the lovely wife and daughter but more often than not I am in bed most of the day.

Hopefully the weather will get nice soon and I can force myself to do some yard work I want to do. I haven’t messed with any new Raspberry Pi or Single Board Computer projects or coding as my mind hasn’t been clear enough to do so though I really wish it was because I wish I felt like doing something, anything, useful.

Well that’s my update for now. Everyone take care.


I haven’t gotten around or felt like doing much to spruce up the website yet. I hate that it is so drab at the moment. I usually don’t have it too over the top anyway however it is plain even by my standards. I am planning to link in some of my Raspberry Pi projects to the page pretty soon when I feel like it. I haven’t done anything yet with https://www.libertygeek.com since I had the accidental page deletion. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet since I have it separate again from MichaelWhitt.com and my main blog.

I do have a few of my other domains forwarded to https://www.michaelwhitt.com such as mlwhitt.com, and mwhitt.com. I just picked up the domain NitWhitt.com because it was free and I thought it was funny, and I am nothing if not a nit wit, lol.

Anyway between my MS, migraines and trying to help my daughter with what homework I can I just haven’t had the chance to do anything else yet with the site other than schedule Song of the Days. I hope to change that soon. Hopefully in the next few days I will be adding some new content.

For now if you want to reach me I have updated my contact to be michael@nitwhitt.com (got to take use of that new domain) LMAO.


Well as usual I maintain multiple server host. Back a while ago I started mainly blogging using my domain Https://Libertygeek.com and scheduled most of my Song of the Day post there. Since I didn’t post frequently on Https://Michaelwhitt.com I ended up deciding to just redirect MichaelWhitt.com, mwhittt.com and mlwhitt.com to Libertygeek.com. I hadn’t thought much about it and when it came time to renew the hosting package for what I thought was the one tied to Michaelwhitt.com’s old content I decided not to because I wasn’t using it.

Well I made a mistake, I mixed the packages up instead it was Libertygeek’s package that was expiring. I went to login last night to add some new content and saw it was expired and was like “oh crap”. I didn’t have any of the content backed up so I lost a years worth of postings. Not that there was anything major but still that sucks. So now I am having to start all over again. So this time around I am just going to use Michaelwhitt.com for all my main postings and my Song of the Day stuff.