Superman and Lois – Already the best live action Superman adaptation to hit the screen!

My daughter and I have really enjoyed the first three episodes of Superman and Lois on the CW. It is miles above the other CW DC shows or “Arrowverse” shows. Honestly I hope it doesn’t even cross over with the “Arrowverse” shows at this point. The show is more grounded and has more believable family drama. The way the Kent siblings are shown is very believable unlike many of the CW properties.

One of the other great things is how well this version of Superman is shown. He is not learning his powers, he is uses them wisely as you can see in this clip below from episode 3. Just like Superman from the comics, he holds back and gauges how much force to actually use against his opponent and he then uses this entire power set not just super strength to full use.

One great thing the show is doing is limiting how much he uses his powers and really saving them for one or two awesome minutes each episode. Short they may be, I rather have a couple awesome minutes of FX each episode than twenty minutes of cheesy FX we often get in other CW shows. All in all if the first 3 episodes are anything to judge Superman and Lois by then the CW has their next big breakout hit!

From Episode 3, awesome fight scene that in my opinion is the best live action Superman fight scene ever put to screen be it the big or small screen. It is short but truly captures how Superman fights from the comics.