Making a geek dad proud…

Over the years I have always been proud of my daughter. Regardless of what she was into I would support her. I may not be hip on the Top 40 stuff or Instagram fandoms, and would pick on her, but I still secretly got a kick out of it.

Luckily things started changing in my favor back a couple years ago. She watched Bohemian Rhapsody and started listening to Queen and then Rock and Alt-Rock, Grunge and Punk and I got even happier. Finally I could dig her musical taste and she could dig mine.

Then she got into watching Godzilla with me and eventually the Titans (she can name all of the iterations of Robin, heck most so called Batman fans can’t do that). Slowly I have turned her to the geek side. She is even just as hyped as I am about Dune, and I have read the novels at least three times and seen the 80s film a half dozen times. She got into WandaVision and she can’t wait for Loki to come out.

All of that however didn’t hold a candle to my little (well she is almost driving age now) girl asking me if I would teach her to play D&D. Stop my beating heart. Do you know how long I have dreamed about her wanting to play D&D with me? She has a great imagination so I know it would be a blast. When I was her age I had all the guide books to it, Gamma World, Traveller, GURPS and dozens of others. I always dreamed that one day I would have a kid to play them with.

I love playing video games with her but the interaction just isn’t the same as a good old real life RPG. I am so excited. My daughter continues to amaze me. I know sometimes she may not think it. We often but heads but it is because we are just alike and both headstrong and stubborn. That said there is not a kid on this or any other world I would change her for.

I love being a geek dad to a cool daughter who is hip but can have a geeky side when she wants to.

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